I love PC gaming, and because I am a PC gamer, there are a whole lot of external devices and controllers that I regularly have to plug into my computer.  Unfortunately, these can be difficult to mess with when I am trying to plug them into the very back of my computer, and I hate having to hassle with pulling out my tower just to plug in an external controller.  I have often wondered why no one has ever created a USB cord that could be plugged in both ways, as I think that this is something that would be a whole lot more easy and convenient to deal with.  Well, I have to wonder no more, as Microchip just published an article about the new USB type C, which does exactly that.  Yes, it will plug into your USB port either way, and so it is impossible to attempt to plug it in upside down.

I know it seems like a small complaint, but it is something that has bugged me for quite some time, and so I am hoping that this new tech is implemented universally in all devices sometime very soon.  Maybe next time I decide to buy a new PC, I can get one with USB type C ports so that I can take advantage of the ease of use that such a thing will provide me.  It would be nice if we could have all of our devices become much smaller and more mobile while still getting everything we need in order to transfer data.

This is an excellent article about this new USB, and so I suggest it to anyone who loves tech stuff.  It just might get you really excited about what is to come.   Know it did that for me.